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About Us-Bigmini Rentals

Bigmini rentals was established in 2018 by Bigmini General Trading LLC. Since then, we have earned a reputation as one of the most versatile, reliable, and affordable rental companies for a seamless event experience.
No matter the occasion, Bigmini Rentals has everything you need for a party or an event! Our product collection is so diverse that even a single variety is rarely missed.

What makes Bigmini Rentals the best and the most reliable rental store?
With Bigmini you will get access to high-end furniture (contemporary and vintage), upscale accessories, and creative props suitable for all kinds of events. Our exciting range of rental products is not limited to furniture but also floorings, lights, vases, football tables, and a lot more. Most uniquely, the inventory and variety we offer can cater to the requirement of 2000 guests.
Our experienced staff will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the timely delivery of the quality product. Infact, the products we deliver are so impeccable that will leave your guests awestruck!
If you ever have a problem, you can reach out to our customer support, and they will assist you within minutes. Additionally, Bigmini guarantees flexible rental dates, with no minimum days for renting items. The provision of an online booking option is a bonus.
What else can one ask for? As of now, we are committed to providing you with flexible design options that add stars to your event. We are also expanding our product line to ensure that you don’t miss out on stuff that compliments the theme of your event.
If you have any queries or find a product missing in our product line, then connect with us. Our supportive and well-trained staff will ensure that your needs are met.

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