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We are just one call away! Our experts are available 24*7 to address your temporary or emergency cooling requirements

Send us photos, videos, and details of the event venue or space that requires effective temporary cooling solutions

Get expert recommendations that will save your time and energy. We will suggest the best AC options after evaluating the prerequisites of the space

Just select the AC of your choice from our recommended AC options

Finally, the BigMini Rentals team will deliver your AC to your preferred location after a few hours of ordering

1 Ton Portable AC

Quick Expert Solutions with BigMini Rentals' 24/7 Emergency Response

Are you tired of waiting to get a response during a crisis? We understand the emergency of your problem. For that reason, BigMini Rentals introduced a 24/7 emergency response. We promise immediate AC cooling solutions without wasting any time.
Since determining and picking the right air conditioner(s) is a struggle for you, the professionals at BigMini Rentals will guide you throughout the process. Our experts will get back to you with energy-saving and cost-effective recommendations within just 24 hours, at any point of the day, week or month. We have more than a decade of experience in identifying the perfect air conditioner(s) based on the room or venue size.
So, pick up your phone and call to find answers to your queries!

Sweat-free & Cool Through All Seasons.

BigMini Rental’s portable air conditioner is ideal for enjoying cool and breezy summers.
Our air conditioner rentals take care of everything. We assure fast delivery, hassle-free installation, and on-spot pick-up.
These portable ACs are energy-efficient and feature adjustable temperature control. Moreover, you can simply move it from one location to another and place it anywhere. We have a vast selection of high-quality and reliable air conditioners. You can rent these for business or facility operations, warehouses, events, and any other location.
BigMini Rentals specialize in customized temporary solutions depending on your needs and industry

1 Ton Portable AC

BigMini Rentals Offers Custom Spot and Temporary Cooling Solution for Your Industry.
Our Wide Range of Air Conditioners Rental is Ideal for Applications Such as:

1 Ton Portable AC
Data centers
1 Ton Portable AC
1 Ton Portable AC
Commercial kitchens
1 Ton Portable AC
1 Ton Portable AC
1 Ton Portable AC
Super markets
1 Ton Portable AC
1 Ton Portable AC
Constructions sites
1 Ton Portable AC
1 Ton Portable AC
1 Ton Portable AC
1 Ton Portable AC

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